A word from home

Dear Readers, Friends & Explorers,


As we leave behind 2018 and enter into 2019, let us take a moment to reflect the strides that we have taken and the blessings that we have reaped along the way. Be it a touching gift from an acquaintance; a warm gathering with dear family and friends; a precious moment with your loved one; these are the experiences that define ourselves and should be warmly treasured.


The Journey to Liu Men (六門) Hotel is about to begin and I as your humble hosts, would like to share the origin story and its transformation into one of Melaka’s collection of heritage boutique hotels.


Our story begins with a row of 6 shophouses within the old city of Melaka, colloquially called ‘Jonker Street’ by the locals. The structure caught the eye of a local visionary that sought to restore the building to a never-seen-before glory. Built in 1939, the building’s facade was designed with Art Deco principles, however, when war came in 1942, development came to a standstill in Melaka and buildings took on a more austere look. Thus, the interior was purpose-built into a typical shophouse style dwelling.


Embarking upon the project with restoration in mind, the building transformed from a state of antiquity into a modern boutique hotel while still allowing guests to immerse into the hometown atmosphere of Melaka. Once entering the premises, guests will be treated to an array of eclectic styles that represents the cultural melting pot which is Melaka. The lesson here is that we may have different backgrounds, but everyone is able to come together and co-exist in harmony. Unity of quality in individual diversity.


So with that said, we at Liu Men Hotel are eagerly looking forward to welcoming you into our little piece of Melaka.


To those celebrating the Lunar New Year, we wish you a Prosperous & Auspicious year of the Boar.


恭喜发财 (gōng xǐ fā cái)  “Wish You Wealth and Prosperity.”

Warm Regards,

Tan Sri Pang Tee Chew

Liu Men Hotel.