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Experience the Melakan Delicacy

Famous for its multi-ethnic faceted population, Melakan cuisine is serving travellers around the world countless variance with a jolt of spices. Get your taste bud familiar with the essentials of the local ingredients of chilli, coconut, lemongrass and many more. 

At Liu Men, prepare yourself to be indulged by the many choices of menu selection. From local treats and delicacies to your favourite dish from home that is not on the menu! 

We pamper our guests by offering the quintessential local legends, such as the Nasi Lemak, as a celebration of the national dish of the country. And if you feel like you are missing your loved ones back home, do not hesitate to request a dish that reminds you of them. 

Last but not least, enlighten your mood with the colourful and delicious Nyonya Kuihs. They come in different shapes, colours, textures and designs. Not only your sight will be delighted with them during breakfast, but also during our afternoon tea and last as our note on your room’s turn down service.