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Celebrate The Little Moments

Feel free to relax and soak in the unique atmosphere as you enter our courtyard. Celebrate your day with the embrace of sunlight pouring in from the scenic glass ceiling. Featuring a vintage staircase and a corner bar, ready to serve your whimsical fancy at anytime, day or night. 

The courteous venue is made available for not only to have your breakfast in the morning, but also for a free gathering with us in our weekly Afternoon Tea. Don’t be shy and mingle with us. Share with us your stories of the day while sipping the local tea, and indulging your palette with the famous Nyonya Kuih pastries.

On a special day, the intimate space could magically turn into a place for you to honour the culture of Melaka and Chinese Peranakan with our activities. Or for that tender moments such as  birthdays, anniversaries or even nuptials that you would like to cheer with your friends and families.